new friends :)


hye friends, i just wanna to say that i really hate to write a blog, but i feel jealous when read my friend's blog. so, i decided to continue write a blog. just a new one. today. i can't sleep as usually. i just got a new friends. her name is Sarah. i just chat with her at fb. interesting right? she was a good friends. anyway. i never meet with her. but i can share my problems with her. my bestfriend also doesnt know about this thing. how can i told her. haha. is that weird thing. i also think it. her place is near with my sister's house. i just got it, when she saying that she stay at subang. haha. it easy for us to meet each other. haha. i gtg. i want to continue my chatting with her. we are only friends . okayy? bubye. :)

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